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Upcoming workshops

We are offering 2 this year

20-24 Feb 2020

Investment R6300

early bird before 30 December 2019, R6800 thereafter


  • 4×4 Transfers from the border to camp

  • 4 night’s accommodation / SHARING in large 2 man safari tent on wooden decking, with beds and bed linen ( 2 per tent)

  • 3 x Educational, respect and awareness based Dolphin Swims guided by Courtney

  • Snorkeling course, Code-of-conduct, Boat safety

  • The Artery "creative exploration and discovery " with Verity including all materials

  • Sound journey and indigenous drumming experience

  • Private gathering space for activities beautifully decorated with lanterns, mats and cushions

  • Photographs of your ocean experiences


  • Transport to the Mozambique border and home

  • Drinks (Bore hole water available)

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Visa (ONLY for non-South African passport holders) for bookings and info

The Artery has teamed up with Halo Gaia dolphin encounters to serve up a potent mix of creative transformation, pleasure and play.


Awakenings is a call to wake your inner artist, your potential, your dreams, your inner knowing & your ability to connect to your pleasure body.


You are invited to join us for 4 days of creative immersion in the idyllic Ponta Malongane for a wonderful winter escape . A journey of

* soul searching

* visioning

* creating

* healing

* swimming with wild dolphins

* dancing your dreams

* a sound journey

* intention setting

* connecting to your joy and nourishing your soul.


We will be using art therapy techniques, writing, meditation and dance to shift negative patterns, freeing us and creating space for us to craft our futures to be closer in alignment with our soul desires. Allow yourself  the time and space to tune in to what your soul is saying. We are creating our lives with every decision we make…


Drawing on our exquisite surroundings for inspiration, the symbolism of the dolphin is perfect for our work. The dolphin is a complex animal and has had many different meanings attached to it throughout history, including:


  •       Playfulness

  •       Transcendence

  •       Gentleness

  •       Harmony

  •       Intelligence

  •       Contentment

  •       Friendship

  •       Community

  •       Resurrection

  •       Generosity

  •        Playfulness

  •        Power



We will work deeply with all of these to create an unforgettable journey.


Absolutely no artistic or dancing skills are required as each invitation is process and is not results driven. We create a safe space for you to explore new creative possibilities as a beginner, with curiosity and playfulness.


Gift yourself with the possibility to unwind, redirect, create and connect.

Absolutely no dance or art experience is required to fully engage in, benefit from and enjoy the processes- giving ourselves permission to be curious and explore new possibilities

You are invited to join us for a weekend of creative immersion in the tranquil Melody Hills retreat in Magaliesberg. These retreats offer you the chance to escape your every day life and really focus on yourself, rest and enjoy, without distraction.

In Module 1, we identify what our creative blocks are, work with photography with associative writing, some light theatre for comic relief, meditating , journalling, working with archetypes to assist us in catapulting us forward on our creative paths, dance into freedom of expression and do some gentle introspection.


In Module 2, we dive a little deeper into what what is holding us back in life and use powerful art therapy tools to shift and challenge ourselves to start creating the juicy and meaningful lives we dream of. We share practical tools for  actioning your creative projects and dance ourselves into joy and release.

Both workshops are a balance between play & laughter and profound soul searching where we can find healing and direction.

It's not essential to have done the first module to do the second, but we definitely recommend doing both

Dates for these workshops still to be confirmed

"Creativity is      intelligence    having fun" 

 Albert Einstein












"Besides leaving noticeably elevated and full of not only delicious food but delicious everything, I left feeling provoked. Now one week later, with the novelty of elevation having subsided and the food long digested, the poignant provocations still move poetically beneath my skin. I am able to walk more directly in this direction I am currently in. Creating from the inside out." Melissa Palframan


R3950 for the weekend


An abundance of seriously delicious & healthy vegetarian food- all meals catered for.

All art materials


Transport to the retreat. Ride shares are encouraged and we will connect you with other participants if desired.

An early bird special of R3650 is available 

Booking is essential. R950 on booking secures your space, the remainder payable the day before the workshop commences

What choices are you making that are creating the life you dream of?

Dates to be confirmed

You are creating your life every minute of every day with every choice you make. Start your 2017 with powerful intention and set yourself on a positive trajectory to be creating the life you truly dream of, both artistically and otherwise.This personal transformation workshop is designed to assist you in harnessing your own creative potential- 7 weeks is a wonderful time to cultivate new habits. What you feed, grows…

We will be addressing the common creative blocks and personal stumbling blocks that we fall prey to.

During the course, we will make use of dance, writing, painting (no skill required) body mapping, art therapy techniques and the support of the group to gain practical tools for:

• Enhancing your creative potential
• Time management
• Intention setting
• Cultivating dreams
• Journaling
• Art as therapy
• Setting goals
• Working through fears/blocks
• Managing the internal critic/self doubt
• Connecting to pleasure and play
• Healing through creative expression
• Connecting the mind/body/spirit

This is not aimed exclusively at artists whatsoever. We are all deeply creative and need to unlock our own creative potential. Way too many people are letting life happen to them, victims of circumstance, instead of crafting a reality that they desire. You need to be tapping in to your unique abilities and giving space to what you really want. Living a deliberate life, conscious of the consequence of your choices and actions is vital.

Having done and hosted the Artist’s way a number of times, I have been deeply influenced by it’s wisdom and draw on much of it in The Artery. For me, it revealed a lot but then I tend to get stuck in my head. Knowledge does not necessarily translate to experience and action. Many times knowing what to do can be even more frustrating and come with intense guilt and self-blame when it is not put into action.

I have discovered that one of the most powerful tools for shifting things is movement. Dancing unlocks emotions, allows us to move through what has been physically stored and into new patterns. Many times we ignore the fact that we have bodies that are packed with wisdom and spend all our time in our heads. There needs to be a strong connection and harmony with the sum of ourselves. This, predominantly within the safe container of Biodanza (a movement therapy technique), coupled with other forms of creative expression is a potent mix.

Once more, I stress, you need not have any artistic or dancing skills in order to do this work as it is the wisdom and release gained from the applied processes that we are after, not pretty pictures or dances.