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Move Jozi is really excited to bring, for the first time ever, a conscious dance festival to our region.


We have joined forces with a number of local facilitators to  serve up a delicious mix of dance modalities. An entire day of  facilitated dance, leading to a party in the evening.


A potent collaboration of :


* Expressive movement

* Biodanza,

* Nia,

* Suco (the former Secret Sunrise crew)

* Cosmo Dance with cacao ceremony


will ensure that we will have a wonderfully balanced mix of fun, play, vitality, creativity, bliss, soul connection and transcendence.


Our vision is to connect the dance community in Johannesburg and grow this life changing work that we love.


We have found  a stunning off the grid venue called Windrush in the Fourways area that offers us connection to nature without having to travel too far. Situated on a few acres of  gorgeous grounds, we get to dance barefoot on the grass, swim, picnic and connect with like minded dancers.


If you are lover of dance, but have not experienced conscious dance before, this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in the water!




Leafy Greens will be selling their delicious organic vegan fare, fresh juices and smoothies. A sumptuous buffet of dishes to delight the palette and the body.




*Kahuna massages will be on offer for those well danced bodies.

*Acro yoga demo

*Talk by  Alosha Lyndov on water and Eco architecture

*Breath of life facilitated breathwork session by Aumji Kistan

*Demo on how to make raw chocolate


If you would like to contribute something for to keep the kids busy,

contact us.


Bring a picnic basket, a blanket, your cozzie and your dancing feet.


This is very much a community project. If you would like to be involved and contribute in any way, contact us.




R350 pre sale, R450 at the door

R200 for students and low income (presale only)



If you would like to sponsor a less privileged dancer, that option is available on the ticketing site. We would love to make the experience available to the wider Jozi dance community too.


If you would like to volunteer your time in exchange for a ticket, please contact us. We need people to help at the door, keep an eye on the pool with the kids etc.


A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to The Home of Hope


This is a sober, substance free event. Yay! Conscious connection :)


Looking forward to dancing our socks off!!!!


For more info, call Verity on 082 873 4607

Or during the 13th-21st November, Anita on 076 826 8469


“The nature of the body is to move.  Our bodies rejoice when energy is flowing freely through our system.  Motion is a feature of this universe which is in a continuous cosmic dance.  When we allow our bodies to dance with the universe through movement, we go beyond the limitations of individuality and become the dance." David Simon, The Wisdom of Healing.






Sian Palmer

Expressive Movement is a dynamic conscious dance practice, founded by Sian Palmer in 2009, with the focus on the dance as your meditation tool, enabling greater authentic presence and freedom. This embodied mindfulness practice enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; increasing vitality and supporting a healthy relationship to yourself, others and all of life. The Expressive Movement form is founded on the principle that dance is a fundamental medium of human communication and expression – and that through dancing we can enable conscious awareness, creative action and connection.

In an Expressive Movement class you focus on tuning into what is, becoming present to the sensations, feelings and images held within your body. From here you move to expressing – allowing spontaneous movement to arise with the support and guidance of the music, your fellow dancers and the facilitator. The music builds and returns, using the principle of the wave, in order to encourage a range of expression and to assist you in letting go and finding freedom and integration within.

Through self-expression in movement – reconnecting mind, body and heart – we re-member how to be in relationship with ourselves, others and all of life.



with Verity Maud

The poetry of the human encounter

Founded in the 60’s in Chile, now a world wide movement, Biodanza (neologism from the Greek bio (life) and the Spanish danza (dance), literally the dance of life) is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. It seeks to promote the ability to make a holistic link to oneself and one's emotions and to express them freely. Our authentic connection to self, the other, our creativity, vitality and the pleasure of living are heightened. It’s a wonderful method of reconnecting us to what it means to be human in these digital times, bringing us out of our heads and deliciously into our bodies. “Biodanza has profoundly connected me to my joy and the beauty of connection, inspiring me to put LIFE at the center”. Verity Maud




Anthea Hardwick

Movement and music are medicine for my mind, body and spirit.  Nia has a unique and powerful way of marrying the two to create pure magic.  What I discovered in Nia 14 years ago was a conscious and joyful way to stimulate self healing and to create optimal health.  The gift has been a constant deepening and expansion of wellbeing and an ever growing capacity for joy and presence.  What I find unique and powerful in Nia is the balance of yin and yang, action and relaxation, movement and stillness.  What keeps me on the Nia dance floor is how I feel after each Nia experience, energized, deeply relaxed, aligned and connected to my authentic self, to others and to life. It is a privilege and delight to share this with you.  Aloha Anthea






Willem Smuts & Amanda Gifford

Come and melt in blissful cosmic magical heart-opening with a chocolate bliss dance ceremony with Amanda and Willem through the healing properties of raw cacao offered in a sacred ceremonial space, followed by and intertwined within a deep, guided immersion into Conscious Cosmic Cosmo dance with Willem. These are two practices that support each other in leading you into a state of deep open-hearted oneness and expansive bliss.

According to the Mayans, Cacao is the food of the gods. Not as we know it now as chocolate, but in its raw form, where, when ingested in sacred ceremony, it has magical alchemical properties. The alkaloids, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, vitamins and minerals specific to cacao have a particularly nourishing and healing effect on the human body, which expands to include the heart and spirit when ingested with true reverence for the plant in sacred ceremony. Cacao as a shamanic teacher plant is a unique and magical heart-opener. Willem will be our dance with the Deva of Cacao channel, who will then move you gently into a sacred space of dance, guiding you into deep open-hearted meetings with yourself and others, facilitated by the cacao whose properties deepen our capacity for ecstasy and love, as does Cosmo Bliss Dance. Both these practices will deepen your experience of oneness, with yourself, others and all life, as we melt like chocolate into the ocean of love.

*** There is an added cost of R80 per person if you would like to partake in the cacao to cover costs, though you can still participate in the session without having any




SUCO is a unique silent disco, conscious workout.

These sessions are designed for you to connect, feel freedom, have fun and let go.

Exercise your heart, body and soul. 





Windrush is located at 1 Reiger ave, Bloubosrand, centrally located between Fourways and North Gate. Find directions or contact us. 078 499 6472


Parking is limited, so ride shares are encouraged.


Where To Find Windrush

Directions from the East (William Nicol / Fourways Mall side)

§  From N1 highway, (travelling in the Roodepoort direction) take the WILLIAM NICOLturn off.

§  Turn RIGHT towards Monte Casino & Fourways Mall.

§  Keep left and just past Monte Casino (on RIGHT HAND SIDE) take LEFT slip road onto WITKOPPEN (travelling towards Honeydew & Northgate Shopping centre).

§  Fourways Mall is on the RHS; from here travel along WITKOPPEN Travel past SASOL PETROL STATION (RHS).

§  Continue along WITKOPPEN down hill, over the Jukskei River, up hill until traffic lights.

§  Turn RIGHT at traffic light into CHURCH STREET (POT PLACE on LHS at this turning).

§  At T-junction turn RIGHT, then immediately LEFT into CONDUIT.

See below for rest of directions.

Directions from the West (Malibongwe / Northgate side)

§  On WITKOPPEN ROAD… travelling direction towards Fourways Mall.

§  Continue on Witkoppen past Verimark building, down hill.

§  Turn LEFT into CHURCH STREET (POT PLACE on RIGHT HAND SIDE at this turning).

§  At T-junction turn RIGHT, then immediately LEFT into CONDUIT.

See below for rest of directions.

Rest of directions

You are now in Bloubosrand… from here on, follow the same directions, whether you started from the East or West.

§  Turn 1st LEFT into OOSTERLAND. Follow the road – it dips, goes over the Jukskei river, then bends right up the hill (power station ahead).

§  Just before “Waterford View” (a cluster complex), turn LEFT into REIGER AVE… a few metres up Reiger, you will see a BIG TREE on the right hand side. TURN into the DIRT ROAD which is just after the tree.

§  KEEP RIGHT and follow the short dirt road for about 200m – it leads to the gate of the venue.