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Monday 19 July- 6 September 2021

A deep dive into what it means to live a life by design.

8 weeks online coaching zoom meetings & daily inspiration to fast track your creative process

Feeling a little or a lot stuck? Do you have the sense that you are capable of so much more- both in your creativity and other areas of your life?

I have a box full of transformational tools that will help you connect to your creative potential and I am passionate about sharing them!


Are you an artist? This will enable you to break though limiting beliefs and take your art to the next level .


Not an artist? This will get your creative juices flowing and open you up to a world of personal potential. Absolutely no skill or talent required.This is not an art course. It is a journey into yourself, a deep exploration of your creative potential and the things that block you from reaching it.


You are creating your life every minute of every day with every choice you make. Harness your creativity to design a life you love that feels totally aligned with your dreams and purpose.


Your life, by your design

These deeply uncertain times are gifting us the space to go inward and do some vital maintenance on our personal operating systems.

We all have the opportunity to emerge from this time of isolation, transformed.

This personal transformation workshop is designed to assist you in harnessing your own creative potential- 8 weeks is enough time to cultivate new habits and set you on a new trajectory.

What you feed, grows…

I have been guiding people in their creative journeys for the last 15 years and I find that there are common challenges that block most of us from moving forward. They are:

Time management

The inner critic

Feelings of inadequacy- not 'good enough'

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Not loving ourselves enough to prioritise our own things

Does this sound like you...? I can help!

We meet for 8 2 1/2 hour zoom sessions where you will get tools for:

• Enhancing your creative potential
• Time management
• Intention setting
• Cultivating dreams & getting clarity on what they are
• Setting goals
• Working through fears/blocks
• Managing the internal critic/self doubt
• Connecting to pleasure and play
• Healing through creative expression
• Vision boarding
• Guided meditations

• Daily journal prompts to guide your process & take your self enquiry deeper
• A one hour complimentary personal coaching session
• A closed Facebook group to share insights & support in community

• Optional ongoing monthly support in our wonderful community of people who are on their creative paths.

It's always so much more powerful to journey with a supportive group. We inspire one another and create a degree of accountability which always helps us to show up for ourselves.


R3800 if you are earning as usual in South Africa.
R2500 for low income,
$290 all other countries

This workshop is usually costs $350, but I am mindful of the budget constraints we have during this global crisis, so this is my Covid-19 gift to you.

We meet via Zoom on Mondays 6.30pm-9pm GMT +2 South African time.
Monday 19 July- 6 September 2021








Storage containers for art and craft


A journal

An A2 sketch pad


Tempura or acrylic paints

Coloured pencils

Old magazines & glue

If you don’t have all these items. Don’t worry.

You can make do with what you have at home.

I invite you to invest in your life, your dreams and your healing.

With love


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There are limited spaces available, so if this speaks to you, please book ASAP.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

+27 82 873 4607


Verity is an artist, interior designer, Biodanza facilitator, is the co-owner of the Johannesburg Central school of Biodanza and plays an active role in Afrikaburn. She has facilitated her work in Brazil, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Mozambique and South Africa. She is passionate about connecting people to their creative potential.


"Verity is an inspiration for anybody that loves creativity or would like to activate her creative force. Her Artery online course is really an opportunity to step into the flow of your divine creativity not only for your projects and art works but most of all for creating the life you really want to design for yourself. She will help you to remove your creative blocks, acknowledge your fears and put them in the back seat of your life so you can achieve whatever purpose you have. If you really love yourself this course is one of the best presents I can possibly imagine for your joy and evolution. When you step out of the comfort repetitive zone, magic starts to happen. Thanks so much dear Verity for your kindness and generosity and for inspiring me so much. I love you!"

Noemi Modamio- yoga instructor & inspirational speaker


"Being an artist by profession, I was very curious about The Artery and how it could help me on my path. I didn't expect all the wonderful things that have happened (and I haven't even completed the course yet!)... I have always wanted to be a bronze sculptor but have never been able to make things work in that direction; so I pushed the dream aside and decided to be content with other mediums of art. Participating in the Artery helped me re-ignite my dream again, pinpoint the obstacles that were getting in my way of fulfilling it and gave me the tools to overcome those obstacles. I am now taking my first steps in fulfilling that dream- I've started (and am almost finished) sculpting the clay that will become my first bronze and even have a buyer for it! I am beyond excited! Wither you are an artist or not, The Artery will ignite your creative dreams."

Shani Waldbaum- artist

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"I had very high expectations of Verity’s ability to run an engaging and impactful program like this, and she still far exceeded my expectations. She constructed a course that was full of fun and challenging surprises. As someone who hasn’t picked up a paint brush in ten years she really helped me get into the flow and harness my own creative potential like never before. You pay hardly anything for the value that can be extracted in these 8 weeks! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking to become a better version of themselves. Hopefully that’s everyone."

Connor Schwab- businessman, adventurer & personal development facilitator

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"Verity's workshops are incredible, transformational experiences. Working in the corporate world, I rarely get a chance to step back and think differently, more creatively. I was able to explore the key things that drive me, that hinder me, and that truly make me come alive - all within a beautiful, supportive environment. I've now done two of the Artery workshops, and each one has helped me immeasurably - in my personal life, work life, and in finding my purpose overall.Xxx

Klara Michal- leadership development coach

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Thank you for the rich gift of The Artery journey which youv'e facilitated in such a thoughtful, creative, honest, insightful and joyful way. It's filled me with inspiration in spirit, mind, body and heart and clarified again who I am and where I am. thank you for every invitation youv'e extended over these weeks. Some have challenged and stretched me, others have delighted me and I have looked deeply into both the shadow and shine of who I am. thank you for radiating love, light and creativity, Verity."

Gill Haggis- artist

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